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Sheepish at being called out a second time, Twilight released her second and final 
illusion. Her form shimmered in the air, melting away to reveal the true Twilight 
beneath. She was equal in height to Sombra and Luna now, her proud horn protruding a 
full foot from her skull. Her wings had grown in size and grandeur, and her mane's 
colors stood out as somehow more real, more vibrant than ever before, billowing in a 
wind all its own. She was also very, very pregnant.When are you due? Of course Cadence 
would ask that. Within 2 months.She replied with a glowing smile.I was outside. I needed 
to find him,I was so stupid to leave him! Sure,I loved Flash,but Sombra,he was so much 
more...when I was around him,I felt happy. Happier then when I was around Flash. I kept 
flapping the snow knocking me to the ground,as I shook it away before I kept running. I 
had no idea where I was going,but I knew he would know. Suddenly I froze as I heard a 
very familiar whinney. I turned to see a windago,it's horn directly pointed at me as its 
magic made the found turn to ice,as it froze my hooves,I screamed loudly,hoping somepony
would rescue me,before a blast of red magic scared the Windago off and the ice melted.
Sombra raced foward,worry in his eyes,Twilight! What were you thinking?!He asked,I,I 
needed to find you!I stuttered,and his eyes narrowed,Why?we asked harsly,Because. I
needed to give you this.I leaned foward and kissed him,as he leaned in and kissed deeper,
before we broke apart,I love you Twilight.said Sombra.I love you to.king sombra want to
war to kill his father sombra killed his father to save twilight from his father his
mother to save twilight and his foal to save them.they want home to put he to bed so
king sombra and twilight ant to bed his mother was outside watching the stars outside
Cadence was babysitting moon flake with shing armer and luna whille twilight was vist
her mom in land of alicorn and her father she got hurt on the way there.

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